Specialty: Integrative Medicine, Präventive Medicine, Health Management,

Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine

1973 – 79 MD – Medical studies, Heinrich Heine Universitaet, Duesseldorf
1981 Specialist Gynecology, Academic Trainig Hospital of the University of Duesseldorf, Diakonie Kaiserswerth, Florence Nightingale
1983 Qualified Naturopath and teaching permission for the subject of Naturopathy by the Medical Association of Nordrhein
1984 Company Medical Officer, Chief of the Department of company physicians of Diakonie Krankenanstalten Duesseldorf Kaiserswerth (parallel to a specialisation in Gynecology)
Practice and further education in Naturopathy, Felke-Kurort Bad Sobernheim a.d.Nahe, Felke-Kurklinik Menschel
1995 Board certification in General Medicine by the Medical Association of Nordrhein teaching permission for the subject of General Medicine by the Medical Association of Nordrhein
1983 – 2005 Private Practice for General Medicine (GKV-admittance)

Chairman of the Society for Therapeutic Local Anesthesia, co-speaker with Prof. Tilscher (University of Vienna, Austria); Scientific multicenter double blind study: „TLA with Xyloneural versus Diclophenac-Na treating Chondropathia patella“

1992 – 96 Vice president of the ECPM (European Council for Plurality in Medicine), Brussels, delegacy Deutsche Hufelandgesellschaft
1993 Founding member and chairman of the DGOM e.V. (German Society for Orthomolecular Medicine e.V.)

Generation of an initial education program for Orthomolecular Medicine for Physicians and medical professional groups (Pharmacists, alternative practitioners)

1994 Approval „Health Management“ University of Duesseldorf, Medical Association of Nordrhein, Institute MIBEK
1995 Management Training (Kaeser International)
2005 – 10 Leading Zentrum für Integrative Medicine und Oncology (Wiesbaden)

Private practice (General Medicine/ Naturopathy)

Lecturer and instructor Integrative Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine

2011 – 2013-present



Advisor for development/marketing of innovative medical technologies, London, UK.

Leading Integrative Medicine ,Prävention and Regenerative Medicine MVZ/ Clinic (Bayern)

Honor Präsident of the German Society for Orthomolecular Medicine


Membership in various scientific societies: ZÄN e.V.(Central Association of naturopathic physicians), DGO e.V. (German Society for Oncology), ECPM (European Council for Plurality in Medicine), Deutsche Hufeland Gesellschaft Founding member of the International Society for Hyperthermia Lecturer and author; honorary activities in scientific societies; Lecturer for medical expert groups, medical advanced training Perennial practice as lecturer and instructor, e.g. medical week Baden Baden, ZÄN congress Freudenstadt (emphases: naturopathy, integrative holistic medicine, energy and regulatory medicine, oncology, nutrition, rational micro nutrient therapy, orthomolecular medicine); Cooperation with associations and self-help organisations. Publications (on: nutrition, immunological aspects, integrative holistic complementary medicine, psycho- neuro immunology in oncology, enzymes and cancer, enzymes and chronic diseases, orthomolekular medicine and nutrition; Modern stress management; Participations in Radio Broadcast and TV interviews. Generation of an initial Curriculum Orthomolecular Medicine for Physicians and Pharmacists in Germany.